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  • TUNER Gas Block

    For years, companies have offered adjustable gas blocks with what amounts to a screw trying to regulate the gas port volume of gas block. Problem with all these designs is they are not precise in their adjustment since you don't know what you are adjusting the port size to and it is next to impossible to repeat the setting.

    Working with Scott Medesha, ideas were exchanged and the result is the new TUNER gas block from Medesha Firearms available in .750" and .875" sizes.

    The TUNER gas block will allow you to precisely TUNE the gas port through a set of restrictors located inside the gas block.

    If you open the gas port in the barrel to .120", you can insert restrictors that can take your rifle from full open with a .120" restrictor to fully blocked with a solid plug in approximately .005-.010" increments.

    - If your barrel is currently over gassed like many AR15's, AR10's or LR308's, you can restrict the gas port down at the block correcting cycling issues.

    - If you have a rifle that you shoot suppressed and require a wide open gas port for subsonic, insert the .120" restrictor and still be able to switch restrictors to shoot the rifle with supersonic loads without it being over gassed.

    The restrictors can be changed without removing the gas block in less than 1 minute with only a hex key.

    The TUNER gas block in either size (.750" or .875") is available with 4 restrictors for $100 plus $6.00 for USPS Priority Mail shipping

    Additional restrictors are available for $20 for a set of 4.

    If you need a reamer to open your gas port on your barrel, you can buy a .120" carbide reamer for less than $20 at most machine tool suppliers including MSC.

    To order your TUNER gas block, call Medesha Firearms in Mesa, Arizona at 480-986-5876

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    Finally something good. I need to pickup one of these but only after I get my hands on a 45raptor barrel.


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      where can we buy these?


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        Interesting concept and useful for my .458 SOCOM! Do you need beta testers? :-D

        I look forward to reviews on its effectiveness.