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  • Proposed Regulations - ITAR

    The US State Department is proposing modifying ITAR regulations to address the dissemention of technical information regarding defense articles to address the internet. While you may not be a manufacturer, these regulations can impact you because they can be used to regulate all information regarding defense articles.

    They propose to define technical information that is regulated to include information required for the development, production, operation, installation, maintenance, repair or overhaul of defense articles.

    What is a defense article? Well it includes small arms and ammunition so the US State Department is going to step into discussions in public forums like this as well as what can be posted on public websites. If you load ammunition, reloading data is information needed for production of ammunition. Yes, when you handload, you are producing ammunition.

    To release information, the US Govt wants entities to be licensed and obtain permission to make sure it is not falling into foreign national's hands.

    What are the penalities? up to $1,000,000 in fines and 20 years in prison for each offense which could be each item of information you release publically.

    While I fully understand and support not wanting technical details about B2 Bombers and M1 tanks being released, the expansive definition of defense articles to include small arms and ammunition can go beyond military specific firearms and ammunition to include sporting arms and ammunition.

    The proposed regulations are posted in the Federal Register June 3, 2015 edition and the comment period is through early August.

    If you think an attempt by ATF to ban M855 is bad, this proposed regulation and the ability of the US State Department to regulate information about firearms and ammunition in magazines, websites, blog and forums can be used to destroy the ability to communicate about shooting sports as we do here.

    Take the time to read the proposed regulations and comment on the Federal Register and contact your Senators and Congressmen.
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    A little late, but in July 2016, the US State Department has expanded ITAR to include gunsmiths. In the most basic terms, gunsmiths who do anything more than replace factory parts with identical factory parts are required to register under ITAR for a fee of $2250 per year. This new requirement is in place now and directly impacts gunsmiths regardless of whether they export or not.