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Upper value help???


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  • Upper value help???

    I have an aero precision upper with a KAC 600m rear sight, cmp stamped bcg, raptor charging handle, colt cmp stamped 14.5" m4 barrel with 203 notch and a2 front sight, Daniel defense ris fsp ii rail that goes beyond the front sight, a dpms linear compensator and finally a ta01 ecos acog. Basically got this for free and I was wondering what an honest value would be for this upper as is. Thanks guys and gals

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    What does "honest value" mean? There are two important values. The first is what it's worth to you assuming your are honest with yourself. That value isn't determined by what anyone else thinks. The second is what it's worth to someone else that you can arrange a legal deal with. That's an honest value if you get the money and they get the upper. That value only matters if you want to go the the effort to advertise and sell it. You could put it up for auction on a site like with clear photos and detailed descriptions of each component and a lot of people would see it. You would have to sell it to know if that value is real. Since it's in your hands only you can know how well it shoots if you bother to shoot it for accuracy . Potential buyers can only guess.

    In the US the barrel length limits it's use to a pistol lower or an NFA registered SBR or machine gun lower. It could also be rebarreled or have a welded barrel extension added retaining the components. Without good photos and more details or seeing it in person it's hard to evaluate what the complete unit or parting it out could be worth.


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      The easiest thing to do would be to look at prices for the various components that you can identify. If you need a baseline, take $400 for base upper and add the cost of the Daniel Defense Rail, ACOG, Raptor Charging Handle and DPMS Compensator. Of course, that is only a baseline approximation of what you would pay if you bought the upper and parts new.

      If you are going to sell it, the price would be less unless a buyer thinks you just have the perfect combination they want and just has to have it. In the current market, uppers and even complete rifles are selling at a discount because there is a glut of them after the massive buying that occurred in 2013.