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Thinking of Building an upper


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  • Thinking of Building an upper

    So I'm think of building a upper in 22-250, it'll be my 1st build so I'm just wanting some tips and helpful pointers. It'll need to work on my rra lower

    Sorry for the lack of info


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    The first thing you need to address is that the SAAMI length of a 22-250 cartridge is 2.350" while the 223 Rem cartridge SAAMI spec is 2.260". AR-15 magazines are typically 2.28". The 22-250 also has a 308 size bolt face. Olympic Arms briefly offered a 22-250 upper in their "UMAR" extended magazine version. It's no longer in their 2004 catalog.
    Building one would not simply be assemby of available parts.

    If you want to shoot .224 caliber bullets really fast from an AR-15 I'd suggest buying an Olympic Arms upper in 223 WSSM. The Olympic bolt and barrel extension are not standard AR-15 designs and capable of handling the WSSM cartridges.

    cart ________case L capacity pressure
    223 Rem____1.759__28.8_____55000
    22-250 _____1.912__43.49____65000
    223 WSSM__1.663__53.7____63817
    Length in inches
    Capacity in grains H2O
    pressure in PSI SAAMI

    That's not to say I recommend the 223 WSSM. The downside is limited barrel life. I like the 223 WSSM cartridge and shoot it in a Winchester 70 bolt action. Velocities are well above 22-250 and 220 Swift.
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      Chamber pressures will be an issue most are not up to handling the pressures of a sporting round like a 22-250. better off with a 5.56 nato or 223.

      The design of the AR dose not lend it self to high chamber pressures.


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        Thanks Louis my mate shoots wssm he'd flip his lid If I turned up with a semi lol

        Yeah I thought that might be the case pilgrim, might just sick to a 223.

        Is I common practice to mix match parts eg dpms receiver and a spikes bolt, or should you keep the internals at least all the same brand