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please guide me in 5.45 x 39 upper world


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  • please guide me in 5.45 x 39 upper world

    as the title says looking for cheap cheap cheap. 5.45x39 let me know what your experiences are and the good and bad uppers i have a dedicated lower that i don't care about the corrosion ....thanks

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    I have an M&P upper and it eats anything. Never had a problem with it.


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      My S&W M&P upper/lower does great in semi-auto with Wolf ammo, but will not cycle "full auto" using the slide stock replacement. Fails to eject on 3rd. or 4th. round. Haven't tried other ammo yet (Wolf is all I have) so not sure if it is the steel case or other cause.


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        Because of AMMO cost I have been looking at this caliber for a while and was leaning toward a build. (I had figured it would run me $750 plus shipping from a couple of different vendors taking the cost to right around 800) I mentioned this at the LGS and he checked with one of his distributors and offered me the S&W M&P in 5.45 for $858. I jumped his guy was on the way to the distributor so it was in the shop by 4pm. I am very very pleased! The same shop had a used Aimpoint so that afternoon when it came, I mounted the aimpoint stepped out back and zeroed it. This thing runs like a top and is as smooth as silk. As it happens I own a Gemtech Halo Suppressor which mounts easily over the A2 brake. This little carbine in this round was made for this. Simpy no signs of over gassing with the can in place. My only disappointment is that after 6o rounds with the can in place the brake looks as if someone media blasted it it all of the finish is gone. To be fair this could be the results of particulates that had accumulated in the can before it was mounted ( I also run the Gemtech on my AR22 so lead particles may be the culprit ) If you can find one I whole heartedly Recommend the S&W!


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          I'm also looking for info on 5.45x39mm; I have plans to finish a rifle in this caliber but I can't seem to find a bolt. Have some various questions:

          Would using a polymer lower receiver help? In that, the lower impulse from the slightly "weaker" round (5.45 vs 5.56) would mean less stress on the typically weakest points a lower receiver endures - so why not use a polymer which is inately more resistant (if not immune) to the blow back of corrosive ammo that would typically be used in a 5.45x39 weapon?

          Further, same question, is it worthwhile to have a stainless steel fire control group? I notice a lower parts kit with the main characters in stainless is only something like $20-$30 more than a standard LPK. Curious if anyone could opine as to that type of alteration.

          My 3rd question is whether literally ANY ar15 bolt carrier can facilitate a 5.45x39 bolt. I would just buy a complete 5.45x39 if I could find one in stock, but instead I'm looking at picemeal parts. Would a 5.45 bolt work with a 5.56 carrier?

          And finally, if a barrel is chrome-lined vs chrome-moly vs nitrate-coated vs nickel-boron, how relevant is the difference if we are committed to a thorough cleaning every time we go shooting? I ask because the difference between chrome moly and chrome lined is about $100, and then to go to nitride-coating is another $100. So if we are cleaning the whole rifle after every outing anyway, why not save $ and get the regular (cheap!) chrome-moly barrel?

          Thanks all for any input!
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            liked my 5.45..really wouldnt work right with the heavy spring with a slide fire 4 rounds tops..actually got pmags to work with it with a little seating of the rounds after the 4 or 5th round..slow sustained rate of fire worked like a champ very accurate with a red dot...cost was 750 for the whole set up and the ammo is into reloading so my wife said to get a reloadable now instead of 750 it cost 2500-2700 after the elcan specter for a 5.56 conversion and the bells and whistles..thats about 15000 rounds i could have bought of 5.45 lol...only real issues ever were magazines..metal or pmag..had problems with the dedicated asc metal mags


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              5.45 is just a different head in the bolt works fine..ballistic advantage has the nitride barrels for 238ish..i would recommend that because of corrosion...make friends with your bathtub/hot water washing the corrisive salts out..the bolt will stick and you will have to kick..yes kick.. the charging handle to get the bolt loose..happened once when i let it lay over night....but fun caliber to shoot almost no recoil so its kid and wife friendlly..have a beowulf


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                The biggest problem with them is feeding issues (tapered rounds don't like to feed in an AR mag). We designed and patented a new mag that fixes the issue and runs 100%. Haven't tried it on a Slide-Fire, but it runs on full-auto no problems


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                  i built one of these years ago with a wilson barrel. it has been run with an opened up 5.56 bolt and a 5.45 stag bolt .

                  pretty straight forward build, nearly as easy as a 5.56 build in reality.

                  i have some 5.45x39 c-products mags that work OK , some of my p-mags will work short loaded with the 5.45s and some won't work at all with the 5.45s.

                  accuracy is very good and key-holing is a non issue.

                  the 5.45 mil-surp is pretty dirty and some what corrosive you will need to scrub it down after every range visit if your running the corrosive ammo.

                  there is 5.45 non corrosive ammo but it is about as expensive as 5.56 --

                  reliability of the unit is pretty good provided you feel out the mags and keep the upper clean.

                  the only sore spot is the mags as even the dedicated c-products 5.45 mags seem to not have a full grip on the 5.45 rounds --they do fed OK --if i had to rate them i would say the feed about as well as the old 5.56 GI mags did.

                  if magpull mad a dedicated mag-- now were talking--LOL


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                    I know this is an old thread, but I just built a 5.45 with a Spikes upper, Ballistic Advantage bolt, carrier and barrel /w nitride gas block and tube. The bolt is fail zero coated $85, the 16" Nitride SPR Barrel w/ nitride gas block and mid length nitride gas tube $199, Fail zero carrier $125. I finished it with Troy 15" Alpha Rail, Bravo Co. Gen 3 charging handle, Krinkov style suppressor and topped with a Vortex Red/Green Dot. I have it mounted atop a RRA lower I had with a Wolf heavy hammer spring. I've been running unmodified 10 round Lancer Mags and 5.45 C Product mags without a burp. I am shooting spam can milsurp.


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                      Good info. I just got a barrel from Brownells, Voodoo Tactical and the bolts came in 2 days ago there too. Got a spam can of ammo in route and going to slap it together with a blem upper & lower. Using all lightweight parts so it should be a fun plinker. Also got the new C-product mags, they say that they fixed the feeding issues. I think I'll try some fun camo paint testing.