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whats out there in a 30 cal in AR15


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  • whats out there in a 30 cal in AR15

    300 blackout had a couple ,I'm sure if you ran subs with suppressor it would be more interesting . I know Remington had 30 RAR ' I was seriously looking for info on this round , but there is very little information on it , brass, dies was abandoned by Remington . A 30ARK or 30 Grendel looks interesting guess there is a place calling it 308 Arrow but kinda want a 308 case . I thought of have a set of 308 dies remove bottom 1/4 " or so and run a short 308 win brass with 110 to 150 grain bullets . But I can't find anything out there .

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    A 308 Win cartridge won't come close to fitting in an AR-15 magazine. Do you want a single shot?

    The most powerful >AR-15< 30 Cal commercial offering I'm aware of the the Olympic Arm 300 OSSM.. It's not a WSSM since the first character is "Olympic, not "Winchester". Otherwise they'd be the same. I have this model:
    It's 24" stainless on a Bushmaster lower; Does it give spectacular performance? Accuracy is decent for a 150 grain 30 cal. It won't shoot VLDs or win bench rest matches. It's a wimp compared a DMMS LR in 300 SAUM (an AR-10 clone).
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