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Got a 300 Blackout upper today


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  • Got a 300 Blackout upper today

    I stopped by the fun store today and got the upper parts for my new build. I have it on the lower I use for my Beowulf right now as 1K doesn't go far. I'm selling another AR to fund a Mega billet lower.
    Here's the specs:
    Noveske 16" 300 AAC Blackout barrel w/ Noveske low pro gas block
    Rainier Arms billet upper
    Rainier Arms M16 BCG
    Mega forged CH
    Troy/Viking Tactics 11" Battle Rail

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    that looks sharp.... great buy

    Can't wait till I have mine.... eventually.... I hate playing the waiting game...


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      Thank you. I really like it. The scope mount in the pic is too far forward. I was just getting a read on what eye relief it needs.

      I saw another reply on my e-mail and it's not here? To answer the question, the only difference between a 5.56 and 300 Blackout is the barrel.


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        Thanks, I deleted the post after I figured it out by reading more and more about it. I appreciate the confirmation. Oh by the way, your 300 looks pretty damn sweet.
        Now I have to build 2 uppers to go with my spare lower I have to finish. I still need a 5.56 upper, now I have to have the 300 Blackout to go along with my Beowulf. Every time I think I am done they come up with something new and cool. Will it ever end? God I hope not.


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          So I put it all together on a Quentin billet lower and started to load some ammo.

          I had it out today for the 1st time. All rounds are on CCI 400 primers and 15.3 grains Lil Gun, pulled 147 gr M80 FMJBT, Speer TNT 125 gr HP and Sierra 125 gr ProHunter SP. The target is from 50 yds using all three types of bullets and the Aimpoint. Not going for accuracy, just making sure things worked. I had a few failure to eject double feeds and the bolt didn't always lock back so I think I need to up my charge. The pulled M80's worked best and that makes me happy as they are $110 a thousand and that makes for some great inexpensive blasting ammo.
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            Looks great


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              Thank you

              I've had about 500 rounds through it now and it rocks. I put a Bravo Co. extractor upgrade on it and had no more extraction issues. I'm picking up some 220 gr. subs made by a new manufacturer tomorrow to test before they start selling loaded ammo. It's nice more folks are supporting this cal. :)


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                Any updates on loading data for the supersonic rounds? I'm getting ready to buy my brass/dies, etc.... and can't really find anything data wise that I would consider "Reliable"...

                I'm going to try and stay between 110-150gr bullets (I think I'm going to start with THESE)...Maybe lil gun for the lighter bullets, and varget maybe for the heavier? (I haven't seen any reloading data with Varget yet... and I have a CRAP LOAD of it so I hope I can make that work). I know guys are using H110... but that is a bit temp sensitive for the conditions we'll be shooting in...

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                  I have been working all of my loads with Lil Gun since I use it already for my Beowulf and AAC did ballistics testing using it

                  This site has a bunch of info, too:

                  Once I stopped looking at 300 BLK specific data and started looking 300-221 Fireball and 300 Whisper loads I got a far better understanding of the ranges of loads available.

                  I still need to chrony some of my loads to decide which ones I'll stick with. I'll be testing them in the next few days and report back a bit more solid data.


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                    Took it out again yesterday

                    This is at 50 yards, rested somewhat but not fully sandbagged in with a Millet DMS-1 scope. The group on the lower left was testing a local manufacturer's 220 SMK subs more for function and seeing if they went supersonic or not. The top right is fast, offhand 147 grain pulled M80's on 16.4 grains Lil Gun and the left upper group is Speer TNT 125 gr HP on 17.5 grains Lil Gun. The Speers are my best performers and I'll be loading up a pile of them. I'm sure I can get down to 1 MOA or less if I apply myself now that I have a load I am happy with. The M80's are around a 2-4 MOA and will make great gravel pit ammo. I'll up the charge to an even 17 gr for them and call it good as they don't lock the bolt back every time.

                    Unfortunately, this being the Seattle area, it was raining lightly and my chrony kept popping up error messages so I couldn't get velocities.

                    The next pic is another batch of the Speer TNT's at 100 yards. With the exception of the flyer on the left and considering that the center dot of the scope covered up the entire area where the bullets hit, I am happy with the group.


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                      What club do you shoot at? Tacoma Sportsman's, Paul Bunyon, or Eatonville? I like the 500 yards in Eatonville the best. Paul Bunyon was my range when I lived in Graham.


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                        I'm a member at the Issaquah Sportsman's Club. It is close to a number of my job sites and I can make midday trips for regaining my sanity during the work day.


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                          Nice! I have never been up to shoot in that neck of the woods, but it sounds as nice as the stuff in the south sound.


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                            huge gator, i will be trying some of your load recipes tomorrow, hopefully the weather will be nice enough to be able to chrono some loads, I will let you know what i find out.



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                              Has anyone used any of the 110 Barnes bullets yet I got some when they were on sale but have not used them yet because I have not finished my 300 Blackout upper yet.