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Beowulf Malfunction


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  • Beowulf Malfunction

    I am new to this forum and wanted to reach out and see if anyone had ever had issues with new Alexander Arms Beowulf 50 caliber magazines. I recently purchased one of their fully assembled uppers and it is mounted to a spikes tactical lower with PSA and Geissele components.

    The issue I am having is with magazine feeding. The weapon will fire one time but will not cycle a second round from the magazine. I am using the stock 7 round magazine shipped with the rifle, not an aftermarket one. Each time I eject the magazine the next round is cross-ways in the magazine which appears to be why the bolt will not push it forward when it cycles. I attached a picture of the magazine with the bullet as it lies each time it is ejected.

    I have reached out to Alexander Arms technical department a couple of times and have not received a response yet. Thanks for any assistance anyone may provide.

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    Is front of brass catching mag ?


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      You may wait a while to get an answer from them They are a real mom/pop shop. Slow to respond either by phone, or email. If they are at the shot show or other large manufactures gun show forget about it! Last year I wanted to get some info on my gun that was ordered and it took almost a month to get a response, dye to the holidays and shot show. I use The roller mag in mine and the standard Brownells AR 15 mags and haven't had any problem, even with their mag. Try loading only 5/6 rounds in it and see if that makes a difference, Also insert the mag with out slamming it in(like in the movies). The Desert Eagle .50's don't like that and will constantly have failure to load and out of battery. Since the ammo is close in size, It might be same.

      There are a number of videos on tuning the mags on U tube


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        I am having a similar problem with my new upper. Please post updates if you get it figured out.