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Ar-Stoner 12.7x42 barrel for beowulf


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  • Ar-Stoner 12.7x42 barrel for beowulf

    So just ordered this barrel from midwayusa. It also comes with a bolt, my question is in the reviews section a couple people mention maybe having to get the beowulf bolt from AA as the one that comes with it is the 7.62 bolt. Anybody know if the bolt that comes with the barrel will work for beowulf????
    I think the builds gonna be sweet, grizzley lar ops4 side charging upper with yhm free floating handguards, stainless stoner barrel, and mega billet lower, now gotta wait for the shipping to AK!

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    I just finished my beowulf build using the same AR-Stoner barrel/bolt from midway. I also read the same reviews and was worried about the extractor, But mine works great! Granted I have only fired 40 rounds through it, but I had no failures at all, and my precious brass is in great shape.

    I think that maybe there was a bad production batch from AR-Stoner and they have got it all straightend out now. Good luck with your build. O and make sure you get a GOOD muzzle break!


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      It is not the bolt it is the 7.62x39 extractor. The bolts from what I have read are of the proper design. Unless you know what you are looking for or you have one of each extractor side by side you cant tell them apart.

      The case design of the wulf requires that the 7.62x39 extractor be modified to function properly with the wulf round.

      If you find that your extractor is binding up, chewing up case rims, or not letting the case eject cleanly from the bolt possibly causing stove pipe jams. Then you will need to mod the extractor or replace it with a AA factory extractor. seeing as the extractor is a week link in a AR bolt any way it may be a good idea to order one from AA as a spare.

      If you lay a AA extractor and a regular one side by side you will see that the mods are not major but they do make a difference. I do believe there is a thread with a pick of a AA and a regular 7.62x39 extractor side by side for comparison and reference some were on hear.


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        Ok cool. Looked on AA's website, i guess i would have to call them to just order the extractor?


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          You may have to order the whole bolt but spare parts are a good thing. Pluss there is a good chance you wont have a problem at all.


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            No problems with my stoner barrel


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              Its a hit and miss on the extractors. A friend and I ordered the same barrels one day apart. He had no problems and mine wouldnt extract. lostinthewoods posted a pict of the AA extractor on my thread. I fixed mine and now she extracts with no problems. Its a simple and easy fix. Thanks again lost!