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  • Alexander Arms Customer Service

    What is Customer Service? I called Alexander Arms This morning (Tuesday July 18,2006 0930) to ask a simple technical question about my 16' Entry Upper. Next thing I know , the owner of the company,designer of the firearm is on the phone to give attention to what I thought was a very small problem. He immediately solved my problem. Then we had a nice conversation about other military arms and manufacturers, like we had known each other for years. He was interested in my opinion and thoughts. So nice is the guy. Bill Alexander cares about his products and customers. I am glad I own Beowulf. Others might have had a bad experience. Not me. I now have the upmost respect and trust for the man and his company. He now has a customer for life.

    That is Customer Service.

    He makes quality firearms that are worth the wait.

    Nelson , Columbia SC

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    Same here, I had an issue with the forward assist and Bill called me back. I almost had to step back for a moment and think of what happen, The owner of a company calling a guy that just bought $700.00 worth of product, Now if he only made Trucks. :lol:

    Now if I could find a reason for getting a 6.5mm


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      What reason DON'T you have for getting a 6.5? Can you every have too many guns and/or uppers? I THINK NOT!!!

      I agree with the above concerning AA. I have had my own very positive experiences as well. They may be back ordered for a while, but having an AA product is a good thing (who the #### am I, Martha Spewart? "It's a good thing.") AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Anyways, they are most assuredly backed up with orders, and need to expand their manufacturing, but expanding like that is a big leap for any company, large or small. Do I need a bigger shop? Do I need more space for finishing and lumber storage? YES!!!! Will an expansion increase my efficiency and workflow and thereby increase potential sales and shorten turnaround time? YES!!!! Do I have $30k-50k to invest in a bigger shop? Not sure... If I build said bigger shop will I still have enough work to keep me busy all the time and generate enough cash to support the 30k-50k loan I would need for the shop? Not sure... It is easy to come up with what you need and should have, but when you look at all the details, things get a little more complicated. I sure hope AA can increase production, but we don't want quality to suffer either. Regardless, both the 6.5G and .50B rifles are worth the wait and AA's customer service for the most part has been outstanding from what I have known and heard. Customer Service is a tough part of owning a business for sure. Being able to talk to the engineer who designed the rifle or caliber rifle you have and have him solve a problem you are having realtime over the phone is unheard of today. That is why I am happy to be a Beowulf owner and to support AA.

      Now, about that productivity...

      BACK TO WORK!!!!!


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        Reports like that make me happy I have one. I just wish I could get some ammo....


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          Let me toss my hat into the ring on the Wolf! AA has given me EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE none better anywhere.......

          The Wolf i have shoots like a dream dead on within its range hard hitting as it can be cut a fence post metal damn near in half in 3 shots 2 1/2" around i was inpressed............
          I have had the pleasure of talking with Bill on more than one occasion he even called me back about a problem i was having


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            I have to agree too about AA; a really first rate bunch. I might make one comment as regards talking with Bill on the phone...make sure you have a good long-distance rate; or, better yet: wait for him to call you back...once Bill gets going, he doesn't stop. I don't know how he finds the time to get everything done, he must not get much sleep. Tom


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              Another vote for 1st class customer support. I broke an extractor and when I called AA to get another one (the Beowulf extractor is cut a bit different from a standardextractor), Bill ALexander came on and asked if I would send him the old one so he could examine it. We had a pleasant conversation about the gun and other things.

              He sent me the extractor free of charge.

              Couldn't ask for better service.


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                So have any bugs been worked out of the AA uppers and mags? If I buy one now would it be realistic to expect it to function with 100% reliability? And hold up for many thousands of rounds?


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                  I got my Beowulf a year and a half ago, and like I have said before, I had a bout a 40 rd breakin where it hiccupped a couple times, then it ran like a top. Haven't had a problem using factory ammo or most of my handloads since. I have run AA mags of all types and D&H mags as well with no problems and I have never had to modify any of the D&H mags to feed the .50B ammo. I do file the feed lips a little so they don't scratch the brass, but that is cosmetic really (this would be the D&H mags, NOT the AA mags). I have not heard of any realy "bugs" in the system for some time. Much of that could have been attributed to certain angry people spreading crap anyways. I would doubt Bill Alexander would let unreliable crap out of his shop. This is speculation of course, but he is VERY attuned to detail in what he does.

                  Order a Beowulf!!! It's worth the wait! (Hopefully the wait will soon be minimizing)