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Any pet loads for a 22-250 picked up one cheap


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  • Any pet loads for a 22-250 picked up one cheap

    Brass is a dollar each for this rifle wow sticker shock sure as hell not leave this stuff lay around on the ground at the range! Anyone worked up a pet load for this round?

    Thanks Ray Pilgrim

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    What rifle? Make? Model? Barrel length? Twist rate? Magazine length? Throat depth? Like most cartridges there are a wide range of bullets that can give a wide range of ballistic characteristics, but not all loads are suitable for all barrels. . A "Pet Load" in one rifle may be useless in a different rifle. The 22-250 has a SAAMI COAL o only f 2.350". Olympic Arms makes a slightly "stretched" AR-15 called the UMAR which can shoot SAAMI length 22-250. Many bolt action 22-250 rifles have standard 2.8" "short action" magazines. Depending on how the manufacturer chambered the rifle, the rifle's twist and the atmosphere where it's shot, some 22-250's can shoot VLD bullets and have a supersonic range well beyond 1000 yards.

    The question is what your rifle can shoot and what YOU want to use it for.

    I owned one 22-250, a Rem 700 but it had a SAAMI chamber and a slow twist. I suppose it could have been an ok varminter but not something I had a use for. It's now a 6.5x47 Lapua. Just a barrel swap.


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      My Savage 116 likes 50 grain Ballistic Tips and Hogdon BL(C)-2. I don't have the exact load and would need to work up again because I lost all of my old data at one point and haven't loaded any of these since. When I did my part the rifle would do one hole groups at 100 yards.


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        One of the major reasons someone's pet load isn't good in other rifles is barrel harmonics. When you would up a load for your rifle basically what you are doing is tuning that barrel harmonic in with the load. Browning came out with the Boss, an attachment on the end of the muzzle, that basically tunes the barrel to the load by being able to tune the harmonics. That's it in a nutshell. Of course barrel rifling twist rate and length play an important role too.


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          Varget and a 53 grain Hornady V-Max, the 53 is a boat tail